Monday, April 12, 2010


I reside in Melbourne, Australia, and, using Mozilla Firefox, I cannot download and view these legal docs, unfortunately. A notice states that the pages cannot be viewed directly due to an incomplete link.

I have found the story of the persecution of the primary Linfen Church members extremely disturbing and
send all those involved my best wishes and continuing prayers for urgent deliverance of the unjustly gaoled house church leaders, for strength and wisdom and courage, for all the necessary financial assistance, that the Judges and government officials and gaolers and accusers' hearts may be softened, that the accusers' hearts and consciences may be touched and changed sufficiently to redress the matter legally, that the christian human rights lawyers involved be given a spirit of perseverance and legal insight and wisdom in particular, that the gaolers exhibit loving kindness instead of hate and cruelty to those so unjustly gaoled, that the families affected may all be reconciled soonest and that the Lord of justice will prevail in all ways, both big and small, that the Lord's name may be glorified and many turn to Him as a result.

May Our dear Lord comfort you, strengthen you and provide for you all and fill you all with an abundant shower of His tenderest graces during this difficult and challenging journey.

With warmest Christian hugs and love,
Lesley xxx

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